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Is AutoCAD required to view drawings?  No.  Iceberg includes an outstanding drawing web client viewer.

Can Iceberg edit drawings?  No.  Iceberg provides finding, viewing and printing access only to drawings.

How many users can have access to Iceberg?   The initial user license supports 75 users.   An additional license is needed for more than 75 users and supports an additional 100 users.

How many drawings can Iceberg search?  How many drawings do you have?

Does Iceberg manage access to drawings and control revisions?  No. It simply provides finding, viewing and printing capabilities into the drawings that are contained on the server.  Iceberg is a component that can easily work alongside with most drawing management systems.

How much does Iceberg cost?  $7,500 per server and $5,000 per additional database.

Why is there a cost per additional database?  Additional databases are used when IT infrastructure has been centralized and information is to be kept separate for different sites, clients or processes.  This provides a reduced total cost with the ability to search each plant.

What is CAD Business Intelligence?  CAD Business Intelligence intends to provide essential support to better business decision-making by providing current views of business operations that are documented and maintained in technical CADD drawings.  CAD Business Intelligence  is a valuable decision support system.

What is an EDM or Engineering Document Management system?  An Engineering Document Management system controls access to electronic documents associated with engineering design and manufacturing processes.  This control aims to provide a certain level of integrity to the information by restricting access, tracking versions and allowing user modifications.  Iceberg can be used alongside an EDM that does not have a CAD File Search Engine.